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Client: Mutimer, a Rising Star in Australian Urban Streetwear

Ads Management
Social Media Strategy
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Engagement Period

2023 - Present

Executive Summary

Merceflo joined forces with Mutimer, an emerging Australian clothing brand, to elevate their digital strategy and drive follower growth. Our comprehensive and data-driven approach coupled with strategic paid media management and effective influencer marketing led to significant results, including an impressive gain of over 25,000 Instagram followers, a 300% increase in engagement rate, and a 30% surge in inventory due to heightened demand.

Metric 1
Instagram followers gained under Merceflo management.
Metric 2
Increase in engagement rate on Instagram.
Metric 3
Increase in inventory.
Our solutions

The primary challenge was to strategically position Mutimer as a competitive force in the Australian urban streetwear industry, akin to internationally recognized brands within the space. This demanded a nuanced understanding of the target demographic, the creation of unique brand messaging, and a blend of organic growth tactics and aggressive paid social media strategies.

Our Approach

Strategy Revamp - we undertook a comprehensive overhaul of Mutimer's digital strategy. This entailed the creation of a precise roadmap for both organic and paid social media growth, detailing every facet from understanding and leveraging the Instagram algorithm to shaping and propagating compelling brand messaging.

Ad Management - we utilized paid social advertising via Meta as a key engine of Mutimer's growth. Our ad strategy entailed defining clear objectives, executing comprehensive A/B testing, and meticulously identifying audience targeting parameters. As a result, we launched a series of high-impact ad campaigns that consistently hit and exceeded predefined KPIs.

Influencer Marketing - we harnessed the power of influencer marketing to strategically drive growth and establish social proof within the highly competitive streetwear industry. Using a data-oriented approach, we leveraged our custom software to extract and analyze data from the vast fashion influencer landscape on Instagram. We screened through hundreds of thousands of influencers, meticulously selecting those who demonstrated high engagement rates, fit Mutimer's target demographics, and exhibited strong brand compatibility.


With a rigorous data-oriented approach, we effectively amplified Mutimer's brand visibility and influence in the urban streetwear industry. The significant increase in Instagram followers, heightened engagement, and expanded inventory underline the success of our partnership. Now poised as a rising star in the Australian streetwear market, Mutimer is well-equipped for continued growth and future success.

Leading Australian urban streetwear brand Mutimer is pushing boundaries with its contemporary designs and impeccable craftsmanship, setting a new paradigm for urban style.
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